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Delanacre - About us

The innovative spirit of the house of Delanacre is primarily distinguished for its unique creation. We feature a combination of Tahitian pearl and mother of pearl engraved and polished, as well as crystal jewelry by Swarovski and precious and also semi precious stones faceted as Citrine, Peridot, or Amethyst are also available.

Delanacre is not only a trademark, above all else it is a style, conceived by Cécile Oliva, she brings with her an extensive knowledge and years of experience from inside the fashion world. She draws her very inspiration from the intricacies and workings of countless trips and meetings and has created a line of jewelry which will surely seduce you.

The Mother-of-Pearl:
Engravings that inspire the traditional art of Polynesian, they interpret the artistic way of Flora and Fauna, with a great attention to detail.
Delanacre's workshop has an expertise of such high quality and professionalism and because of this the shell get an extraordinary metamorphosis to become an exclusive and modern jewelry.
The essential beauty accessory that will indisputably be at the cutting edge of fashion, the proposed Delanacre collection is a jewelry trend both glamorous and irresistible. Our delicate creations are the delight of classical and modern jewelry lovers alike.

About the designer :
Delanacre is the subtle alliance between the traditional art of Tahiti and the ingenious expertise and French technique of our designer.
Nurtured in a very artistic atmosphere since early childhood, it was then that Cécile developed her incredible sense of fashion, not to mention a love for contemporary dance. After four years of grueling training for dance in both Paris and New York, Cécile joined the exclusive team of Christian Dior, there she spent more than three years in the women's as well as the children's departments before moving on to a short time with Chanel, ultimately ending up as the inspired designer behind Delanacre in 2009.


Thank you for your interest in our jewelry creations - enjoy your time on our website and let us know what you think!

Cécile Oliva


Thierry Pelerin
Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Delanacre